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Erotic Sensual Self Care Touch Exchange

Saturday Afternoon Taoist Erotic Approach to a Warm Oil Massage Experience Men 4 Men Touch Exchange

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • 75 Canadian dollars

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Saturday Afternoon Self Care Touch as Care Erotic Sensual Experience Taoist Erotic Approach to a Warm Glide - Full Bodied Massage Experience 2:00pm to 5:30 pm Create a NEW Erotic Experience Practice a NEW Approach to Touch Taoist Erotic and Sensual Massage for ALL Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto Discover through Experiential Erotic Embodiment. Healing Bodywork for Men. Explore your erotic nature, honour yourself with heartfelt touch. Celebrate your desire in a group of kindhearted men. This experience, in a gathering of men delivers the opportunity to experience full bodied touch. The elements of Taoist Erotic Massage and erotic, genital touch as originally taught by Joseph Kramer are incorporated into each experience. Breathwork and energy movement as taught by Mantak Chia are brought forward for exploration. There is a practice of Breath Work, Body Awareness and Conscious Heartfelt Touch. Each experience is offered and held in the comfortable, well equipped, and private space provided by the Awaken Studio. Celebrate the fullness of your Erotic, Sensual and Sexual Body! Find out more about Ritualized Erotic Genital Touch challenge yourself, step out of an old, no longer desired cycle of separation and isolation. ​ Experiential Embodied Erotic Exploration ​ All men are welcome to take part in the practice of Taoist Erotic Massage in small groups, at the well-equipped Awaken Studio Toronto Free yourself to treat yourself to an experience unlike any other in the city. ​Please bring your courage, your curiosity and your open beginner's mind. This practice is open to all men and the Awaken Studio welcomes all DIVERSITY. There is no experience qualification, body shape or size restriction or maximum age restriction. Please be over 19 years of age. “Nothing is better for "spiritual advancement" & the detachment of the flesh than a close reading of the "Erotic Dictionary.” ~ Rémy de Gourmont

Contact Details

  • Phillip Coupal at the Awaken Studio Toronto, Upstairs, Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada


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