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Meditation Pathways

Meditation Mindfulness a practice
offered by Phillip Coupal
at the Awaken Studio Toronto

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Candy Cotton

Meditation Mindfulness

Explore Meditation

for ALL Men 

at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Energetic Meditation Practice

Wednesday Practices

with Phillip Coupal

Meditation Pathways


Join into a group experience,

honouring individuals as they gather to explore pathways to peace, by practicing mindful meditation techniques.

As a group we seek to explore and become mindful and aware of the pathways and passage of chakra energies through the body.

We can also explore teqhniques of body awareness and our relationship to our body. Seeking through mindful awareness and focusing technique new paths to allow for a greater sense of well being. 

This class will practice acceptance of the present moment. There will be a short introduction to our technique of meditation.

We will communally lay the foundations for this peaceful exploration.


We will begin to explore pathways to greater awareness and acceptance of ourselves in the present moment as we allow the energies of our body to flow..


Who are these classes for?

This class is presented for all levels, all ages

and body types. Those who register for this class will be willing to explore within a communty of like minded men. As a community we will beath, focus and softly become aware of the flow within our collective consciousness. Participants will be willing to practice this meditation technique while naked.

Explore - Attention

Awareness - Knowing


Flow Towards Mindfulness 

What are some of the benefits of these classes?


This class will gently benefit practitioners with a basis for a regular meditation practice. Together we will gather information and allow for a depth of acceptance to allow patience and understanding as we together create a loving connection with ourselves, our energies and the world we share. This is an ideal environment to explore community building and allow for a sense of connection internally as well as externally within the group.

Why we practice 

together as men:

As men we gather together to:

  • remind ourselves of our connection,

  • to draw ourselves from isolation,

  • to foster and explore the energy and strength that we have as men to bring loving and healing energy to ourselves, our community and the world as a whole.

Why we practice

together while naked:

Our reasons for practising while naked include:

  • practice shifting our focus inward

  • shift away from taking ourselves so personally

  • to practice giving our physical body freedom from judgement as we practice focusing our attention to the internal path to awareness.

Everyone's experience of practising while naked will be ever-changing and a chance for discoveries about ourselves.

Meditation Pathsways for Gay Men

Towards Mindfulness

This Meditation practice, specifically focused towards gay men and practicing while naked, might be a very difficult concept for some to grasp.


The Awaken Studio is an ideal place and space to bring this offering, of Gay Men Meditating together. The studio allows for freedom for their bodies and their spirits.


The fostering of community for men who love men and are of like heart and mind is formost as we move ino a world where isolation and separations are becoming the default.

I am happy to move into a new and peaceful direction supporting the inward journey as we practice a fuller experience of true embodiment.

Phillip Coupal - June 2021

Phillip Coupal

Awaken Studio Toronto

Meditation Pathways to Peace 

for ALL Men

Towards Midfulness

Wednesday Evening

Meditation Pathways - 60 minute

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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Chakra Energy Flow

Explore Meditation

for ALL Men 

at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Energetic Meditation Practice



All men are welcome to explore Meditation Pathways toward Consciuos Peace, at the Awaken Studio Toronto. 

Free yourself to treat yourself to an 
experience unlike any other in the city. 

Please bring your courage, your curiosity and your open beginners mind.

This practice is open to all men and the

Awaken Studio welcomes all DIVERSITY.

There is no experience qualification,

body shape or size restriction or

maximum age restriction.

Please be over 19 years of age

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Awaken Studio Toronto

"Meditation, focus and internal awareness is something that I have been working to practice for decades.