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Personal Development for Gay Men At the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Where do private sessions take place?

All in-person private sessions take place at the well-equipped and naturally lite Awaken Studio Toronto. The Awaken Studio is in the heart of the Leslieville neighbourhood, just east of downtown Toronto core. It's about a 10-minute drive or cab ride from the downtown. Equally convenient from public transit, a five-minute walk north on Carlaw from the Queen Streetcar and a 10-minute walk south on Carlaw from the Gerrard Streetcar. The Pape bus from either direction, southbound from the Pape subway station or northbound towards the Pape subway station, stops directly in front of the Factory East Loft building that the Awaken Studio is located in. I do not do outcalls, visit clients in their homes or at a hotel.


Do classes take place in the same space?

Yes, classes are delivered in the same space, there are 4 areas open to one another. A comfortable lounge area near the entrance door. This area has comfortable seating for 8 and is under a large skylight. Next to the lounge, is a smaller staging area, an area where equipment is stored and provides a support space for the larger open studio space. The studio space is a long rectangle, surrounded by sound and centered under another large skylight. Finally, there is a well-equipped bathroom and on-site laundry facility.

Is there a shower and bathroom?

There is an on-site bathroom with toilet, sink and large shower. The bathroom is well stocked with fresh towel and other amenities that you might need. Clients may shower before or after their private sessions or use the shower, briefly, after their class. Sorry Fellas, only one at a time in the shower. NO! Hanky Pankey. :-) 


Do we have to bring our own sheets to a Massage event?

No, the Awaken Studio Toronto is very well equipped. Participants are provided with freshly laundered sheets, and towels for any touch events that they attend.

Do you rent yoga mats, or do we bring our own?

No to both questions. We do not rent any equipment. As we recover from Covid, all equipment including mats. mat towels, towels, bolsters, straps, and pillows are provided for any of the movement or yoga classes. All equipment is thoroughly sanitized between uses and the studio is kept immaculately clean.

Can I just drop into a class?

Sorry we are unable to offer drop-in classes at this time. For years we were able to offer this service, unfortunately at this point in the recovery process from Covid we are unable to accept drop in attendance to any class. All bookings for classes must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the class.

Can I reserve my special place on the floor?

If you are the first to arrive you have your choice of the space, if you are a pass holder you have a choice of the space. If you have booked one single class and arrive as the door is closing, you will be directed to the available space within the room.

What happens if I get an erection or hard-on during a class

Celebrate! You have a hard on, there is nothing to do but notice and go on with the class. This is the most common worry from men before they attend a Naked Yoga class. The teachers look at erections as a part of the human male experience. The focus of the class is about energy and how we can remain focused even though there can be challenges. A hard-on is like recovering from losing your balance in a balancing posture.

Why are bodywork sessions 90 minutes long?

My experience has shown that: setting the experience up, bringing the patron into the experience and following through and then coming out of the experience is a process that is better provided off the clock. An hour is never enough and a 55- or 50-minute hour is even less than enough. There are always a few minutes within our time for  the patron to reground so they might move easily out of the space an along with their day.

Can I book a session in the morning for the same day?

No, I usually need 24 to 48 hours' notice. Some days are more heavily booked than others and the extra time involved in booking a session can mean that I am fresher and more attentive to the client's needs. the extended time from booking to the start of the session allows for the client to formulate a deeper intention for the experience that they will be going into.

How should I prepare? Is there anything I need to do before the session?

Spend some time thinking about what you'd like to get out of the time you spend at the studio. If you are attending a personal session, we will have some idea of where you are going. Before the session you might consider how you would like to feel at the end of the session, or if there is something, a belief of an experience that you would like to let of. 


For bodywork sessions, you may want to avoid eating within a few hours of your session. Wear whatever feels most comfortable for you. Before you leave for your session you should shower, bath and freshen yourself. If you have requested and anal or prostate massage you will be sent directions about cleaning and other information that will help you prepare for this session.  


Having prepared yourself mentally and physically for your session, you can enter my space, able to temporarily leave the outside world behind. You will set your phone and communication devices aside and be treated to an experience that is deeply personal. If it is possible, I suggest not scheduling anything immediately after your session to give yourself some time to reflect and integrate. 


Do you use scented oils?

For skin-to-skin touch, I use only organic unscented oil, most often cold pressed organic coconut oil that has been warmed. I also have high-quality lube and latex-free gloves. Any touch on sensitive parts of the body is done with gloves to prevent any abrasion or damage. Some men feel more comfortable without oils or lubricatnts and this accommodates a soft and sensual touch session. Some men might wish to be clothed, either fully of partially, whenever that is the patrons request, that request will be honoured.

Do you practice Humanistic Counselling or Life Skills Coaching in the nude?


No, all Counselling sessions and Life Skills Coaching sessions are conducted with cloths on.  I very seldom mix any of the modalities with clients. The relational aspect and communication comes from different sets of resources. This allows for boundaries to be kept and create clarity for the roles that we have with each other in either: counsellor and client, coach and client or bodyworker and client. There are sometimes when counselling and coaching clients will attend classes or events and that is encouraged. The role of facilitator is different again.

What are your boundaries?

Client experiences are paramount, and I always do my best to remain faithful to my person boundaries and this is often a great example for the patron to keep to their boundaries. Trust and faith in the word of the bond is a pillar to creating and maintaining boundaries that are effective and can work for all involved. Together, either as a one on one or in a group, we create and maintain guidelines and boundaries that are effective and sustainable.


In all cases we will maintain:

  • 1. Confidentiality, names, and experiences other than your own are not to be spoken of. Confidentiality is esential to build a safe and viable container for the work.

  • 2. Consent, asking before delivering, hearing effectively, and maintaining awareness that consent be clearly adhered to.

  • 3. Safety - No means No, Yes means Yes and Maybe is:  perhaps this is good, I am willing to explore, and I will let you know. Safety always means never going beyond or into territory that is questionable.

  • 4. Communication is paramount and without clear communication we are left to deliver or receive without consciousness. 

  • 5. Awareness of intent, as we gather the intention is to stir and harness sexual and erotic energy. We are nt gathered to have sex or attend an orgy, those events can be found easily and are very often conducted in a state of unconsciousness. As we gather our intent and goal is to expand our consciousness and awareness.

  • 6. Definition of the Relationship that we have. We are gathered in new and different ways than we are used to. The definition of our gathering is undefined, and we know what it is not. We are not gathering as sex partners or in some intimate and sustained relationship. We are spending a few moments together in a wonderful and lovingly focused interchange that is meant to be safe, secure, and leading towards peace and serenity.



What if I feel uncomfortable?

Respecting your limits, boundaries, and choices is a fundamental value of my practice. I believe that you are the best expert on your own experience and body, and that you remain responsible to yourself to ensure your comfort, safety. By helping you see and experience this personal responsibility I hope to gain your trust. If you feel uncomfortable in anyway, I encourage you to let me know so we can make adjustments. You always have the right to stop. If we do stop, you will not be questioned or examined we will move to something new and different, so you are able to regain your sense of comfort.

Do you provide escort, sexual or fetish services?


No!. Sessions never include sexual intercourse of any kind. Sessions are about deepening: consciousness, awareness and sensation, not about exploring a sexual fetish or engaging in a sexual liaison. I am not a prostitute or an escot, you will not find my profile on dating sites or massage sites.

Will you socialize with me?

Our encounters are intimate and explore energy. It is important for both of us to know where our boundaries are and to remain clear about our relationship. Keeping a level of professionalism is important. This professionalism is always conducted in a human and compassionate manner.  For your knowledge and to underline confidentiality, I will not get involved in your personal life or contact you for any reason other than to schedule or manage appointments.

What is your cancellation policy?


Please let me know as soon as possible and provide at least 48 hours' notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your session or class. With enough notice, I can offer your session time to someone on a cancellation list or a class waitlist.


  • Private Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours' notice are subject to a $50 cancellation fee, payable at your next appointment or by e-transfer.

  • Being able to cancel a class that you have registered and paid for is important. If you cancel for a class that has been paid with 48 hours' notice you will be given a full refund, less a $5.00 processing fee.


  • If you cancel and reschedule there is no penalty.


  • If you cancel with less than 48 hours' notice we will have a conversation and determine what is fair, otherwise there will be no refund for the short notice cancellation.


  • If you do not show for a class or leave early there is no refund.


  • If you have a class pass and need to cancel, we will have a conversation and work out what is fair. Generally, for partially used passes, I will give a refund for classes not attended if there is a fair reason and fair notice.


  • If you ask to cancel and wish a refund, and let me know after the class has taken place, I will not consider a refund.

Your respect of this cancellation policy is an expression of your respect of my time and is greatly appreciated. 

Is it standard to tip?


Tipping is never required or expected. If you had an awesome session and you wish to tip, I will gratefully accept.


I have a question that you have not answered here.

I am always available by email to answer any questions that you might have or to answer information that you might be looking for. The best way to contact me is via email at:


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Personal Development for Gay Men At the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
Personal Development for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto for Gay Men at the Awaken Studio Toronto
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