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Keeping a JUICY Heart – Adapting and Moving ALONG

I have been stuck so many times in my life and I absolutely refuse to get hung up and stuck ever again.

Sometimes life can reach out and deliver a gentle tap, sometimes a solid punch and sometimes a big huge slap across the face. The slap across the face thing is kind how I feel right now and you know I am going to take it in and then MOVE ALONG.

Previously I would have moaned and groaned and wallowed in the dust. I choose to do radically different now, the energy is simply not worth going to that low defeated place. NOW, I simply revel in getting up, dusting off and getting back up on the horse and riding strong.

No matter what might be delivered, the tap or the punch or the slap. I am not going to waste my time, my life energy, whallowing, especially when I know, deep inside, that all of my life is worth fighting for, worth living richly and feeling fully, and totally worth getting up on that horse and riding strong.

Passion, Determination, Force of Will.


❤ the Juicy Heart

To find out about how Coaching can help you through what LIFE delivers.

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