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What is on the Table Today? Sunday June 19, 2011

On the Table today: half rest and half work and it is Fathers Day.

The rest is lovely… Heavenly. The work feels tortured and grating, a bit like Hell.

The rest rebuilds me and my heart can take that. The work is mundane, chores, little bits and pieces of accounting and other managerial drabness. When I have to take care of the chores that I must do, my heart is not really in the work. I feel dry and mechanical. I find benefit, a little lube, if I look to the outcome of the chores. What contribution do these chores make to the whole? What do I want the end result to be?

When I look towards the whole and the end result. When I examine the whole of what IS, my heart feels better. When my heart feels better, my energy lifts and projects skyward. I am able to connect to the wisdom of the sky. Looking at how one small piece can contribute and shape the the whole allows me to understand and bring my heart to the work at hand. I can get excited, juicy and work from a place of power and pleasure. I can balance the mundane with the exciting.

Bringing the passionate energy of my heart to all I do is a core value for me. I seek everyday to find my own heart energy and to nurture and balance this heart energy, letting me be fertile, flowing and juicy.

Happy Fathers Day to all the great Daddies, Dads, Pappas, Pops, Fathers. I celebrate all those men who have enriched the Divine Feminine energy of the Earth by delivering their Divine Masculine energy from the Sky. Love you Daddy!

Getting Juicy TODAY, FULL of Heart.

<3 the Juicy Heart. 

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