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BE -♥- Juicy Heart

Today as I transition I will have lots of time to reflect with myself about what this pretty momentous weekend has delivered to me.

There are two elements floating in my being at this moment.

The first is if you want something there is no one more important in “getting” what you want that yourself. If I want something to change I will have to change to begin, inspire, create the change that I want…

The second is how shocked I was to see how difficult it was for me to feel and be a part of… I know that for those of you who know me this is pretty obvious; however, I was challenged to find my place in a group so diverse… at the same time I come out of this knowing that I will need to lead… So if I am a part of or not I know that there are several challenges ahead for ME to BE.

Love the universe at this moment and loving my place in it… So looking forward to what is unfolding for me and those I am near…

You must ask for what you really want... DON'T go back to sleep" Rumi

More as I journey home.

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