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Cooking feeds the JUICY Heart … July 31 2011

Cooking and being inspired in the kitchen opens my spirit and feeds my soul.

I love to be in the kitchen cooking and preparing food for my husband, family and friends.

When I am in the kitchen and preparing food I am nourished by the love that I feel for what I am preparing.My imagination can go in all directions and I love how I feel when I am putting together ingredients, sampling what I have put together and finally presenting and offering my preparations for others to feed and nourish themselves with. I feel inspired, confident and full of pleasure when I am cooking.

I like and enjoy how I feel when I am cooking. I feel excited that I can find myself in the joyful and calm and knowing place within myself as I put together food that will appeal, nourish and excite those that gather around my table. I am grounded and powerful in the kitchen. I like this feeling and I know I can use this sense as a template for many other areas of my life.

Today I will enjoy cooking for a large crowd of friends.

“Kitchen Helper” one of the toys that surrounds the space where I cook – July 2011

If you are looking to find ways for you to be inspired and find activities that can sooth your soul I might be able to serve as a guide. Contact me at: Phillip Coupal

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