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Diving in Deep – July 6, 2011

Diving in DEEP with a JUICY Heart

Diving in DEEP helps me maintain a JUICY Heart. The excitement and thrill of going down deep, not knowing what to expect and being on the edge of the unknown is thrilling. For me this is like a Zip Line or a Roller Coaster. If I get on and get off and simply freeze in between, not breathing, not allowing for the experience, I will not enjoy or be a part of the experience. SO, I get on that Zip Line, ride that Roller Coaster and partake fully in the experience diving in deep, breathing fully and letting the experience move through my body. I might event laugh or scream or shake or giggle, cry or swear or be really messy. All of this expression is part of the experience part and allows me to be exactly how and who I am.  😉

I know and trust that the experience will carry me and that I am more me for partaking fully in all of the expereince.

Today I will TRUST and DIVE IN DEEP!

❤ the JUICY Heart

Heart full of Depth

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