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Fabric – Juicy Heart

Weaving the Fabric of Life.

Today as I stretch and get ready for the day I see, feel and experience the depth and strength of the interconnections of life.

A wonderful letter from a man now living in China, a wonderful response to my website from a man in Manitoba, the ebb and flow of clients, the surety of friends, the depth and strength of my husband. All of these interpersonal elements and more unspoken threads weave together around me and form the fabric of my life.

 The fabric warms and shields and soothes me. The fabric is a brilliant colour and has a stimulating pattern, the fabric awakens me. The fabric is resilient and has untested strength, the fabric shields me.

Today I will fall into the depth of safety that the fabric of my life has brought to me. I will cherish the fabric and adore each individual thread. I will savour each fibre that reinforces each thread.

The fabric of life... ❤

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