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Juicy TODAY! June 23, 2011


That this blog just came up on a Google Alert with my name attached! Hooray!

Knowing that what I do is making an impact. Knowing that what I am doing is making a difference. Knowing that even though I may be far away, that someone can still see me smiling at them. That a small word of encouragement that I make can be heard and responded to. That hours and hours of diligent work might actually make someones life easier, different, simpler more pleasurable.

Making a difference, being seen, being acknowledged… Knowing that what I do everyday makes a pleasurable impact on the world… this make me very JUICY.

That I can place my heart into all that I do without fear and judgement… This is what I live for and this creates a lot of juice in me and the result is a JUICY life… a JUICY heart!

❤ the Juicy Heart


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