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Knowing I am Loved – Juicy Heart

Knowing I am loved helps me stay in a juicy state.

Knowing that I am loved, seen, understood and most of all included lets me maintain a state or being that allows for more of me to come forward. I am a ravenous little hog when it comes to love and the expressions of love I find around me. The simplest expressions: a smile, an offering, a little note, a tiny expression will reassure me and opens the channel for me to bring my own self love forward. Loving myself and feeling the love of others is a path for me.

All the while, knowing the more I love myself, the more love I will feel from others and the more love I will be able to generate to give to others. A delicious cycle.

Today I will see the love around me and allow for more of the richness of me to intermingle with the cosmic. ❤

Love, God! - A lovely note form a wonderful lover... ❤

Loving the Loverly JUICY Heart.

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