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LAUGHING and the JUICY Heart Aug 4, 2011

LAUGHING calms and calls the FEIRY – JUICY Heart into submission.

My Laugh this morning came from a poem…


I hope my good old asshole holds out 60 years it’s been mostly OK Tho in Bolivia a fissure operation survived the altiplano hospital– a little blood, no polyps, occasionally a small hemorrhoid active, eager, receptive to phallus coke bottle, candle, carrot banana & fingers – Now AIDS makes it shy, but still eager to serve – out with the dumps, in with the condom’d orgasmic friend – still rubbery muscular, unashamed wide open for joy But another 20 years who knows, old folks got troubles everywhere – necks, prostates, stomachs, joints– Hope the old hole stays young till death, relax

Allen Ginsberg

LOVE and LAUGHTER for the JUICY Heart today.

My Support group as I LAUGH and LOVE – Aug 2011

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