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Pleasure and Passion – Juicy Heart

Pleasure and Passion are to me like a delicious cocktail combination.

Pleasure increases with me when I am passionate. Passion increases in me when I am in a state of pleasure. Passionate is full-bodied and all in, no limits. Pleasure is flowing and energetic, no blockages and plenty of juice.

There is a lovely balance in me when pleasure and passion are at play. I imagine that this is like yin and yang, like when my tantra teacher speaks of balance in masculine and feminine. What seems to me to happen is that pleasure and passion work with and through each other. The passion liquefies and bubbles the pleasure and the pleasure solidifies and firms the passion. This all seems to play out in a sexy and delightful way in me. I like the way that I feel when the two are playing in me.

Pleasure and Passion, living in a delicious and blissful state.

Today I will allow for the flow of pleasure and the stability of passion, all within me as I weave my way through the day and night.

Pleasure and Passion – Water and Stone – Juicy Heart

Niagra Gorge Easton to Toronto – October 2011

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