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SEX – Exploring Pleasure – the JUICY Heart

Exploration – Curiousity – Discovery

The PURSUIT of Pleasure. ❤

The JOY of being actively involved in the pursuit of pleasure.  Pleasure that can be experienced on all levels and in each of the energy centers in the body.

Believe me this is about more than SEX it is really about being aware and learning about how to receive pleasure on all levels. To identify the seismic waves that identify when pleasure is entering the body and to allow and open the body to receive that pleasure… To learn and actively train the body to receive pleasure in and on and through the entire body.

Then there is the pursuit of  giving pleasure and how much pleasure can be received by giving.

Today is about an experiment into pleasure.

PS the word SEX in the title is an experiment to see if the views of this blog are truly increased by putting the word SEX in the title. A  days ago SEX was the first word in the title and there were 8 times as many visits to that individual blog page as on the busiest day in the past. Let me see what the word SEX does to this blogs stats today.

Chakras – Energy Centers – August 2011

If you would like more information about giving and receiving PLEASURE in new and sometimes surprising ways contact me at

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