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Slow LOVE -♥- Juicy Heart

This from a very personal outlook today as the warmth and light of spring awaken me with their warmth …

Why am i so very distrustful when those I barely know, speak to me and say things to me about “brotherhood”, “camaraderie”, “shared community”… Both my heart and mind say “Sorry, I have barely met you?… I find myself withdrawing and moving to a place of separation… I can easily find myself… (Yes like Alice) in a place where everything is very unfamiliar.

My imagery and thoughts go to how quickly everything moves in the world that we live in and how very little is left to the nurture and trust that can be built when we take getting to know each other a little slow.

LOVE and LIGHT to all out there..

Slow LOVE -♥- Awaken Studio -♥-

Slow LOVE -♥- Awaken Studio -♥-

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