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Surviving -♥- Sweet Juicy Heart at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Good morning …As promised there are some changes happening at the Awaken Studio Toronto. If you are have the means to help I would be eternally grateful.

If you have questions or need some more information, please email me at


From awakenstudiotoronto (dot) com

In response to this new financial reality and to maintain the future of the Awaken Studio I am asking for your generosity and financial assistance. This is not easy to do and is very difficult to ask. I know that all contributions, your gifts, are gratefully received and most welcome.

Your contribution can make an enormous difference!

Over the past month I have seen the income of the Awaken Studio reduced to nothing. The landlord has not provided any concession and there will be a large, and unavoidable, amount due at the beginning of June to pay for the website.

I am hoping to raise money in order to accommodate these expenses. I rely on your generosity and kindness in asking for your financial gift. I hope that we can all adapt with time to the new and different world and that we can assist each other as much possible as we shift and move in order to practice the art of living in this ever changing world.

Humbly and with Love Phillip Coupal

Visit and please know that your gift is accepted with deep gratitude.

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