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Vision -♥- Juicy Heart

Making certain to be on purpose with a Vision.

A Vision of the future. A Vision of the moment. Being on purpose with what is in my vision helps me to get more of what I want in Life. This is “Law of Attraction” material.I like very much to be on purpose with my vision, making certain to be dreaming of what I truly desire. What would I like to see? What do I desire?  I know that I like to choose what the future will look like. I know that I can not predict or be exact with the future, so therefore I make sure that my vision of what is there is filled with the elements that I work to create in my life. I know that I want to create: hope, purpose, enthusiasm, positive attitude. The more I can look at the future with enthusiasm, hope, purpose, enthusiasm and a positive attitude, the more I will actually manifest.

Oh YES! Sometimes there are little blobs of shit that need to be taken care of. Such is life. Bad things happen. Better to acknowledge and deal with this bad stuff, than let it fester and get unmanageable. Then get right back on track with creating what I want, envisioning a future full of hope and a life full of purpose.

Today I will maintain a VISION that is full of Hope and Purpose ++++ PLUS ++++ I will be Playful and Enthusiastic! -♥-

Purposeful VISION - Venice 2010

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