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Within -♥- Juicy Heart

As I approach the final anniversary in May, I am again reminded of the power that emanates from within.

Last night at dinner, with a wonderful group of men, I was asked about how things in my life, were going. Yes there was the usual surface gratitude. And then, when I checked for a moment, inside, I was overcome with a greater sense of deeper gratitude and power, an internal and much more earthy gratitude. I was aware of a deep and rich sense of gratitude and power that radiated directly from my source.

This reminder brought up a great well of very lovely, juicy and fertile energy. My greater sense reminding me that this richness resides within me and flows from my source. The source of life, the within. This within, the place where I am nothing but myself: a beautiful and meaningful, radiant, blissful being.

I am filled with gratitude and pleasure as I realize that the past year has exercised, strengthened and enlarged this great pool of within and the personal strength that comes from my, within. My life source has been enriched by the experience of being made irrelevant and being cast aside.

The within in me, is the source of all of my life and my energy.  A year ago I would have never thought or even imagined that I might have within me the power to move ahead and become more myself than I have ever been.I am so very grateful to have been able to access and utilize and pump out from this well, this source, that accesses the within. The power within me to overcome those that would have me be powerless and without strength or individuality.

Today when I am utilizing this life force, when I am accessing and actively flowing from the source, I am letting myself come out to play and create and bring meaning to my world. I am full of relevance and fortitude and I even have power. I am anything but “IRRELEVANT” I am powerful and full of meaning.

A note to those that might feel bullied, coerced, forced to be something that they are not, shamed and dominated, made to feel powerless. Your LIFE source, the power within you, to be you, is within and is full of the brilliant radiance that is you. When you can let this source energy flow and be in the brilliance of exactly who, you are, you will have full and resolute power.

To those that have been bullied, please never take on the words, coercion, ridicule, shame or domination of those bullies. Please reach inside and bring out your brilliance, especially in the face of those who wish to wield power in a brutal and careless manner. The world can only be a better place if each and every human being, could live from the BRILLIANT RADIANCE that comes from source and resides in each of us, in the within.

LOVE ~ Phillip

Living LIFE as a RADIANT BABY ~ Accessing the Bliss Body

Living LIFE as a RADIANT BABY accessing the Bliss Body

Living LIFE as a RADIANT BABY accessing the Bliss Body

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