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PROUD to be gay – a man – JUICY

One never knows what will present itself.

I was so glad to be witness to all that passed in front of me today.

I was glad to see a man walk by with his husband. It took me moment to recognize him. This man I knew. I had been witness to him. I had been partner to him. This man had hurt me more than anyone I have ever know has hurt me. Even more than my father. Even more than those nasty boys in the playing field. This man walked by. His swagger, his arrogance as it has always been. This man walked by and as so many I saw today walked by as a stranger.

I digested the experience of seeing this manly, man. I wondered why I experienced him as a stranger. I was glad to know that my hurt has subsided. I was glad to know that this man, who had lied to me and belittled me and castigated me for being me, was nothing more than a stranger. I am most grateful and glad for me, my power within, my radiant light, my beacon to myself.  I realized that I knew that nothing this man had told me was true and that really all of who and what I am is held in light. Nothing of all of the shame and self loathing that this man had put on me so many years ago was real. Those pieces of shame and hatred were his. I was able to revel in my own JUICY self. Knowing that I am the man I am. I need not rely on the negative and depreciating words of another man to describe myself.

I was so very grateful to have my own joyful and delicious self to proclaim to the world as me.

Gay, Queer, Loud, Proud full of all the JUICY Creative Energy that is ME!

Today I will be myself!

❤ the Juicy Heart

Sunday July 3rd PRIDE Toronto 2011

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