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Candy Cotton

Explore Tantra

a practice for Gay Men 

at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Principles & Power of Tantra

Group Classes

  • Saturday Afternoons - 2:00 pm

Private Sessions

  • At YOUR Convenience


Tantra for

Gay Men


~a rigorous practice that harnesses sexual energy as fuel for personal development...


Tantra for

Gay Men



~as a path to freedom, knowledge

and personal awareness


Tantra for

Gay Men



~Express the power of Sexual and Erotic energy as a path to Spirit...



Explore Tantra for Gay Men

"a rigorous practice that harnesses sexual energy as fuel for personal development"


All men are welcome to join in this practice. We will explore through an embodied experiential process, participating in exercises that seek the educational information that can be a tool and means to create new behaviours and change unwanted habits.

Create your own guide to the mysterious and sensual art of Tantra for Gay Men.

Some of the principles that will be explored in a variety of exercises:


  • Exploring Everything as an Experiment

  • Balancing Interior experience with External projection


  • Balancing Expansive Energies and Contractive Energies

  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine energies


  • Balancing the JOY of giving and receiving


  • Exploring the HEALING Power of Pleasure



Our communal exploration can deliver new insight and information about being more present to the energy of connection. Discovering, what might be over expressed or under expressed. Developing practices that might create freedom and allow for the experience of what has been dreamed of and fantasized but never brought to light.

Participants might also find:

  • New found self confidence

  • A GREATER  body awareness

  • The ability to harness sexual energy in order to have more conscious erotic experiences

  • Exchange old and unwanted habits for new and desirable experiences

  • Discover the ability to be more extroverted and engaged in sexual practice

  • Find more compassion for your body and your desires.

This class promises a joyful journey into your own awareness of yourself as a sexual, sensual and erotic being.


Explorations of Tantra and Tantric Energy are considered practices and Tantriic Massages are not offered. Please visit