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Phillip Coupal

Phillip Coupal offering services, classes
and groups from the Awaken Studio Toronto
  • Humanistic Counselling
  • Life Skills Coaching
Awakening the heart and spirit of men,
to the peace and surrender of sacred masculine erotic power
Men AWAKEN, transform and ascend to a state of powerful,
peaceful, joyful and ecstatic transcendence.

The Practice

Phillip Coupal 

  • Holistic Counselling + Life Skills Coaching + Sacred Intimacy Bodywork


Personal Growth, Holistic and Humanistic Counselling, Life Skills Coaching services, as well as Adult Education for those seeking new or alternative solutions to their well being. Personal Services are offered and provided at the Awaken Studio. All services are client centered, humanistic and designed to offer heightened awareness, powerful mindfulness and soulful acceptance.

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Counselling & Coaching
Individual Sessions



A Humanistic Approach​

Talk Counselling for Men


When you want to create a life

that includes:

~ improved communication and interpersonal skill

~ greater self-acceptance

~ skilled expression

~ management of emotions:

anger, sadness, fear,

peace, power and joy

~ relief from depression

~ calming of anxiety 

~ increased confidence

~ greater confidence, dignity

~ and personal value


Life Skills Coaching

Solution Oriented Practice

Life Skills Development for Men


  • When you want to find solutions to the dilemas of life.

  • Discover a creative methodology of problem solving.

  • Develop Skills and Practice to live a life that utilizes your: 

~ interpersonal skills

~ leadership skills

~ creative skills

~ communication skills


Develop belief new-found faith in yourself, your inate abilities and    your own most creative self


12 point Man Mandalla template.jpg

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