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Today is a VERY Juicy Day! Friday June 24, 2011

MMMMMM The Juices are flowing!

Doing and Doing and BEING INSPIRED and allowing the flow.

Being aware of what is happening in my body as I take care of my work, allows for more information to come to me. I am more able to remember and concentrate if I allow for free flow in my body. I become very aware of my breath and making certain to breath slow and easy. Filling my lungs and exhaling in whatever way serves me best: a yawn, a sigh, a puff, a long moan, a smile, a laugh.

Today is a day where I am full of blissand pleasure even though there might be what could be experienced as a lot of external pressures. Deadlines and anxious energy seem to be all around me. As I smile and breath and picture the flow of energy through my body I can be free.

Today in my work with Men I have been Coaching Body Awareness, allowing for free flow and unfettered expression.

Today I feel Free and Empowered knowing that I am IN MY BODY!

❤ the JUICY Heart

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