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Ecstatic Breathwork

Breathwork classes and practices
offered by Phillip Coupal
at the Awaken Studio Toronto

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Ecstatic Breathwork

Explore Orgasmic Energy

for ALL Men 

at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Full-Body Awareness & Insight

Wednesday Practices

with Phillip Coupal

Full-Body Awareness &Insight


Join into a group experience,

honouring individuals as they gather to explore orgasmic energy, by practicing ecstatic breathing techniques.

As a group we seek to explore how we are able to flow our energies:

  • together or apart,

  • with freedom or contristiction.


We can also explore teqhniques to break old and unwanted habits creating space for new and unknown experiences.


Who are these classes for?

This class is presented for all levels, all ages

and body types. Those who register for this class will be willing to explore in areas that are taboo and deeply shadowed. Willing to gather and share parts of themselves that have been dormant or deeply shadowed. Willing to create a safe and uplifting space allowing individual expression while honouring the energy of the group.

Ecstatic Breath

Full Body Awareness

Pursue Heightened States

Discover Orgasmic Energy

Explore the Power of Breath

What are some of the benefits of these classes?


This class can offer the participant a greater sense of self and assist a greater sense of control over orgasm and ejaculation. As men get to know their bodies and the structured path of ingrained sexual patterns fall away, men who share this practice can find a deeper awareness of their body, their mind and their spirit. This practice can lead to a mastery of ones physical body and clear a path for new and potent energy.

Why we practice 

together as men:

As men we gather together to:

  • release shame of masculine traits,

  • feel a part of and joined with sacred and divine male energy,

  • gathering together we can practice compassion, kindness and grace for ourselves and our shared world.

Why we practice

together while naked:

Our reasons for practising while naked and exploring sexual energy include:

  • to bring light to a world that is shrouded in taboos, guilt and shame

  • to relive beliefs and practices of self-condemnation and Self-reproach

  • to practice openly and challenge societal stigma and humiliation

Everyone's experience of practising while naked will be ever-changing and a chance for discoveries about ourselves.

Orgasm - Ejaculation

Multi-Orgasmic Energy


“Strange as it may seem, learning to control your ejaculation and to become multi-orgasmic begins with strengthening and deepening your breathing. As is true in all martial arts and meditative practices, your breath is the gate through which you can gain control of your body. …Your breathing is also related to your heart rate. If you are breathing quickly and shallowly, as after running, your heart rate increases. If you are breathing slowly and deeply, your heart rate decreases. …Increased heart rate is part of orgasm and breathing quickly is one sign of orgasms approach. So the first step in controlling your arousal rate, and therefore your ejaculation, is deep and slow breathing.”

Mantak Chia ~ The Multi-Orgasmic Man

Phillip Coupal

Awaken Studio Toronto

Ecstatic Breathwork for ALL Men

Full-Body Awareness

Wednesday Evening

Ecstatic Breath Orgasmic Energy - 60 minute

8:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Candy Cotton
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Orgasmic Energy

Explore Ecstatic Breathwork