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Sacred Intimacy 120 Minutes

120-minute Experience Sacred Intimacy Create Erotic Freedom

  • 2 hours
  • From 225 Canadian dollars

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Sacred Intimacy a personal path towards sexual healing. This experience narrates a conscious opportunity for addressing and releasing wounds from physical, emotional and sexual trauma. The process can help to alieveate, stigma, guilt and shame. Sacred Intimacy The active merging of “sacred” - the divine, spiritual, hallowed and "intimate" - curious, vulnerable, willing, alive. In the practice of Sacred Intimacy men can be more allowing, compassionate, kind and loving to themselves. As they bring these new found skills into the world they can shed layers of "TOXIC Masculinity" and create redemption for the divine and sacred creature they have always been. Sacred Intimacy offers a safe and clear space for men to be vulnerable. Explore areas that have been taboo, forbidden or simply fogotten. A Sacred Intimacy session creates the space for communal and humanistic intention. The space can be the holding ground for all men to dynamically and fluidly, create and explore even re-experience and re-program sexual story and history, including trama and or denial. ​Creating a Peaceful Powerful Transcendent Experience for ALL Men Personalized Compassionate Care Private Sessions offered to Individuals and Couples Sessions Offered: Weekday Evenings Weekday Afternoons Weekend Afternoons Session times are offered at mutually agreeable times and offered on mutually agreeable dates. Please follow the service links below, click on the date and you will see if there are times available. ​ Questions or more inform contact Phillip at

Contact Details

  • Phillip Coupal at the Awaken Studio Toronto, Upstairs, 276 Carlaw Avenue Unit 217 B, Toronto, ON, Canada


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