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An EXTRAORDINARY opportunity -♥- Sweet Juicy Heart at the Awaken Studio Toronto

Updated: May 4, 2022

Wise Men Sharing – a Wisdom Circle for ALL Men

  1. Share Wisdom

  2. Share Experience

  3. Share Inner Knowing

A Group of Courageous Men Speaking and Witnessing from their Heart. Willing to Share from their Life Learning and Experience

  1. Create Connection

  2. Relieve Isolation

  3. Trust Intuition

Monthly 2nd and 4th Wednesday Afternoon 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Sharing Circle – Speaking from the heart of Life Experience

Wednesday Afternoon events designed to expand information and open participants to new inner awareness, internal integration and community connection.

Talking events will take place in a traditional talking and sharing circle. Communication and sharing utilizes a compassionate and respectful communication technique. All participants are encouraged to participate with any sharing as they wish and have the right to pass.

Attendance is at the participants discretion, drop in attendees are welcome. Regular attendance is encouraged and rewarded. Those who attend regularly are more likely  to reap the full benefit of attending. Fee structures are on a sliding scale. Attendance fees are as follows: Drop in is suggested at $25.00. Those who commit to attending regularly and register on line pay $20.00. As always with the Awaken Studio sharing  circles, those who are unable to pay the suggested fees are welcome to attend and pay what they know is available to them. These fees go directly to supporting the space and continuing the work of building community for men.

As always if you have any questions, concerns or curiosity about this event please let me know via email at or you can call me or text me at 416-557-7312. If you call please make certain to leave a message and a telephone number where I cam able to reach you.

All the best and with LOVE


A philosopher is a wise man distinguished for wisdom and sound judgement while a sage is a wise man distinguished for wisdom and from experience. ~ Unknown

Join the Wise Men Sharing Circle at the Awaken Studio

Wise Men Sharing – a Wisdom Circle for ALL Men

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