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Creating something new… <3

The JUICY Heart Sunday June 26th, 2011…

Yes, I work with Men today.

Quiet, Sunday mornings are a great time to relax and take a look at life. To sit back and look at habits, patterns, familiarities. Looking, feeling, becoming aware and gathering data. Looking and contrasting awareness today, with awareness of the past and to the vision of the future. Asking a few questions, the foremost one being, "Is this; what I have in this moment, is this that I want?".  Stepping back with the man I am working with, and working, challenging and playing with him as he goes about setting his course and finding a step, or two, or three, or even more to take movement in the direction of what he wants.

Today I will be couragous as I sit with men and stand by men. I will help them with the practice of taking charge of their life. I will be Joyful with these men as they create something new.

Today I am filled with the Joy of knowing that new outcomes can be created.

❤ The JUICY Heart

Hand OVER Heart June 26, 2011

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