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Getting WET! – JUICY today… June 30th 2011

Getting WET!

All day I have been dreaming about how nice it will be to be in the big outdoor pool swimming along… doing my best to swim the distance, dancing through the water.

Even though the day was stress and deadlines and “this has to be done NOW!”… Thinking about the pool and the meditative and balanced art of swimming has had me stay focused all day long. I have been looking forward to the stretch, the measured breathing and the ballet that my body does as I go length to length. I have been looking forward to the water and the sky and the coolness and the liquid feeling that I have as I get into the water, warm up my body to the workout and then go the distance.

Off to be wet and juicy and dance in that limpid blue pool.

Today I will be focused and enjoy the dream of what to pool can bring.

❤ the JUICY Heart – ALOHA

The signs of Hawaii – May 2011

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