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Just A LITTLE – ♥ – Juicy Heart

Just a LITTLE!

Just a LITTLE is all it takes to create a sense of motion and action. Just a little proaction, that is really all it takes to start the ball in motion. Just a LITTLE is all it can take to have me feel much better and more accomplished.

Yesterday I thought that I would just take care of a small job and viola there it is a whole job completed. Yes!, I had to rid my mind of all of the judgements. Yes!, I had to concentrate on just the small little piece. Yes!, I had to tell myself “this is a work in progress.”  Yes!, I had to keep moving and pushing ahead.

Now the job is done and I feel inspired to take on another job. I wonder where this will lead?

Today I will feel and be successful and proactive at getting the job done!

Just A LITTLE – Venice – January 2012

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