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~ Do it yourself

Learn the laughing meditation in three easy steps.

Limber: Stretch your muscles as you exhale, relax briefly as you inhale, then stretch again and exhale. Repeat this a couple of times as you reach over your head. For the last-minute, push the fingers of one hand back with the other hand while you stretch your facial muscles by making funny faces and grimaces—without laughing.

Laugh: Smile, and slowly, without forcing yourself, laugh with a relaxed throat. Laugh softly at first, then louder until you’re bellowing heartily from your belly. Don’t force anything. Allow it to happen. In the final minute, close your eyes and continue to laugh.

Release: With your eyes closed, suddenly stop laughing and breathe without making a sound. Each time you notice you’re thinking of something, let the thought go and focus your attention on your body. Whatever you feel, notice it and allow it.

Max Christern, editor of Ode’s Dutch edition, never needed a laughing meditation to find his inner giggler.

Laughing can help… and besides I might be able to take myself less seriously if I laughed from my belly many times per day.

Today I will laugh and smile.

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