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October Workshop for Men -♥- Juicy Heart at Awaken Studio

Experiential Embodied Erotic Exploration — Anal Touch for Men

Friday October 26th, Saturday October 27th and Sunday October 28th

7:00 pm to 10 pm on Friday and 9:30 am thru 6:30 pm Saturday and Sunday

The event will take place from Friday evening to Sunday evening. The Awaken Studio offers an atmosphere that is safe, playful, honouring and respectful for men to explore their attitudes and relationship their butt and anal touch.

This workshop offers a rare opportunity to explore anal touch in a safe and uplifting atmosphere, with a community of like-minded men.

Individual, partnered and group exercises welcome all men into the exploration of their bodies to explore and experience conscious, full body touch with a focus on the ass and anal touch. The workshop will explore human nature, curiosity, pleasure, desire, fear and shame.

Experiences will utilize movement, breath, demonstration, exploration, experience, touch and mediation to bring participants a fully embodied educational experience. The workshop will explore territories of the body that are in public, generally off-limits. Much of the workshop will take place without cloths and will provide the opportunity to explore the ass in a full-bodied and whole-hearted manner.

The workshop will look at ways to create a safe, sane and consensual, conscious awareness towards anal pleasure. By shedding some light and offering some experience onto an area of the body that is sometimes held in darkness and shame. The workshop can reveal new attitudes and awareness in relation to the ass and anal touch, both individually and with a partner.

Rooted in the teachings of Joseph Kramer, Tantra and other teachers of erotic exploration this workshop will bring fresh and new information and help to create a sense of knowledge, integrity, peacefulness and balance especially in relation to the BUTT.

The fee for this weekend workshop is $295.00 for the event. If you are interested or would like to register please email me at

 Experiential Erotic Embodiment Exploration -- Anal Touch for Men

Experiential Erotic Embodiment Exploration — Anal Touch for Men

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