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Opening to the Magic -♥- Juicy Heart

Something happens when a group of men get together and touch one another. This creates, for me, an opening to the Magic.

When men get together and touch one another and dwell, if only for a few minutes, in their pleasure and desire, magic can happen. It seems as if for a micro-secod the universe opens up.

This something is like magik to me. I feel so blessed and blissed to be a part able to offer and manifest these groups where men come together and get real. The get in the now of their body and they let themselves feel the power and connection that is within themselves to be a part of their desire.

Something happens when a group of men get together and true to tehemselves and real with others.

This is something like magik to me. I leave these groups with a sense of reassurance and feel so very grounded in my love of humanity. Each time I leave one of these events I feel like living my life more fully and more joyfully. It helps that I just completed a group, cleaned up the studio and made my way home. I am left with a sense of openness and delight. LOVE

The next event is on January 26th at the Awaken Studio. Men 4 Men Sensual Touch with Tantric Exploration

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