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Opportunity for an Erotic Adventure -♥- Juicy Heart at the Awaken Studio Toronto


This week at the Awaken Studio in Toronto

Tuesday February 23 8:00 pm

Naked Yoga for Men

Wednesday February February 24 7:00 pm

Wanna PLAY with KINK – Flogging and Spanking

Thursday February 25 8:00 pm

Sinful Seduction – Sensuality and Breath

Saturday February 26 10:00 am

Naked Yoga for Men

Saturday February 26 2:00 pm

Self Pleasure for Men – Principles

Sunday February 27 1:00 pm

Men 4 Men Touch Exchange – Sensual Experience with Tantric Exploration

Early Registrations for:

Ecstatic Path Weekend Experience

With Phillip Coupal and William McMeniman

April 29, 30 and May 1

Kama Sutra the Pleasure Journey

Create an Erotic Adventure

Summer Day Camp for Men

July 2 to July 8

Information Questions Curiosity

Awaken Studio Toronto
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