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Possibility of YES – Juicy Heart

I am still savouring the end of my coaching call yesterday. (Yes I have a personal coach! )

This last little tid-bit was about creating a place, a space where one can say YES!  And how very much I am involved and great at being in a YES place! and bringing others along with me.

YES ! I can.

YES! I am.

YES! I can do this.

YES! This is okay!

YES! I want more.

YES! I would like to try that.


I know that saying YES! all the time is not possible, however there is so much more possibility in YES or even a hesitant maybe than in the constriction and finality of NO. To be in a YES seems creative and full of juice. I am able to build far more when I say YES! than in any other mode.

There is so much permission required, so much openness and willingness to be able go towards possibility. The need to say YES! be open-ended, open-minded and create more possibility is a feature of what I have been doing in my work with clients.  I find myself on this wild voyage looking for a place, a home, a Center for YES!  A place for all folk to be able to get into the deep depths and say YES! a place where there is possibility rather than confinement. Creating this new YES! place opens my heart and although it scares me and pushes me to my very edge has me filled with the delight of abundance!

Today I will be creative and open and reopen to possibility and I will say YES in creative and new ways!


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Open the possibility up in your life!

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