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Preparing and Dreaming… July 22… 2011

The JUICE today comes from DREAMING.

Resting – Preparing – Dreaming…

The next new adventure begins in this moment as I prepare and dream for the creation of an EROTIC TEMPLE.

The new adventure excites me to my core as another group of men gather to create and explore the connection between the PHYSICAL body, the EROTIC body and the body of SPIRIT. In this adventure of delight and mystery we will build a TEMPLE of EROS. Glad to be revisiting Wildwood and the grounding earthyness of the land and the expanding strength of the sky all above the snaking Russian River.

I love my work, my dream and the juice it brings my life and heart!

SNAKE – June 2011

If you would like more information about EROTIC Temple, the Body Electric School or my Practices with Men and Erotic Education please contact me at

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