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Preparing – Juicy Heart

This time of year is always like the beginning to me. Transition is in the air.

The earth is preparing for the fall, trees and fruit and flowers are pulling the juice from the earth to enrich themselves, the light is changing in the sky, the weather moves in unfamiliar patterns and I feel like this is the transition into a new time.

And YES! this really is the transition into a new time. There is much to prepare for and lots to dream and scheme and plot and plan and get ready for. I pull the juice from my earth to ripen and enrich my experience.

September will bring a Body Electric workshop to Toronto that we have not had in many years. October will bring some new events into my coaching practice. November will bring some new elements as the Body Electric is here in Toronto again and I will be introducing some new elements into my breath and bodywork practice. December brings a trip to a meeting to plan for the NEW Body Electric and I am excited and happy for this great opportunity.

The real New Year will bring many new elements, several co-creations and of course there will be surprise.

I adore that all around me is getting ready for harvest. The fruit on the vine and branch is developing juice and flesh to burst forth with the ripe sweetness of the fall.

Today I will savour the summer and be active in preparing for the next transition. Loving and laughing and smiling as I live and breath.

Heart on Olive Wood

For information about my work, my Counselling and Coaching practice or the Bodywork for Men that I offer please contact me at or visit my website at:

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