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Sexy Excitement – Juicy Heart

Sexy Excitement is what is dwelling in my Juicy Heart this moment. ♥

Yes! I mean being in a state of anticipation, arousal, pleasure. Licking my chops at the thought of what is ahead.

  1. There is nothing like looking at a problem as something that needs to be seduced.

  2. There is nothing like experiencing tragedy as a rebirth.

  3. There is nothing like taking a big deep breath in and letting it out with a full-bodied sound.

  4. There is nothing like starting fresh with a constructive attitude.

  5. There is nothing like the power of acceptance and LOVE.

  6. There is nothing like the power of unbridled Desire.

Being joyful in the moment smiling and being proactive, working towards rather than running away or freezing in stillness. Using my HUMAN brain and the powers of my cognition. Actively using my ability and my skills to transform what I do not want into what I do want and desire. To live and manifest my dreams.

Today I will be filled with JOY and TRUST that I have the power to transform. ♥

Bologna, Italy December 25 2009

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