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Sexy Possibilities – Juicy Heart

Today is about possibility and what happens when the Juicy Heart opens to possibility.

The other day my coach sent me an email that was about plans and missions.

Planning can be great but without action the plans fizzle and turn to nothing. Missions fall apart without belief and passion and action. Possibility will drift away without being open and allowing it in and then doing something about it.  These are reminders to me about being Juicy and fertile and living the active life that I desire for myself.

I could say more about all of this but I will let the words fall away as I shift into possibility and planning and clarifying my mission… Having taken 10 minutes to do that it is then time to start actioning all that has been dreamed.

The fruition of this is showing up some really exciting offerings in the upcoming year. I am tired of waiting and want to be doing. Watch for the calendar of events in the next few days.

Today I will be in a proactive state doing and growing and happening. Acting on the information provided by all the possibility that shows up in my life.

Possibilities Open with Curiousity and Exploration - PVR January 2008

A new workshop being offered here in Toronto

Dancing on the Ecstatic Path for Men

Bridging the energy of Earth and Sky with the Energy of the Heart

A two-day exploration of Erotic Energy

Techniques will involve Touch, Breath and Movement

Toronto – Ontario – Canada

February 4th and 5th 2012

For more information contact me at

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