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The JUICE TODAY … June 27, 2011

The JUICE today is in having fun!

I will work today in all that I do to approach everyone of the problems and deadlines and pressing issues with a sense of fun.

Looking to the fun side of my experience allows me to be playful and curious. I also notice that when I am playful and curious I am way less likely to be bitchy and snappy and feeling all of the pressure.

So instead of feeling something that I don want to feel… (all that pressure) I choose what I do want to feel. I set my course to feeling all of what I want.

I adore feeling the fun and being playful and creative and JUICY.

Today I will be JOYFUL having fun as I choose to have fun!

❤ the Juicy Heart

Juicy Heart in PINK! June 27 2011

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