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Reading – Juicy Heart

Reading today.

Preparing for a diagnostic surgery tomorrow. I am preparing for what will happen tomorrow and creating some time over the weekend for recovery.

I am reading, “The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man’s World”. Having read a few pages I have an inkling now that this read is going to be a valuable and informative journey. My first response… “I wish … that man who was my primary teacher and trainer while I was training to become a counsellor had read this… Perhaps he would have been more empathetic as a gay man working with other gay men…”

This is going to be a delightful ride, a ride and a read and a rest that I am looking forward to. I am sure this book will take my mind off of the fear and wondering about the surgical procedure taking place tomorrow, I have this thought that this read will sooth me and help me rejuvenate.

Today I will be happy and joyful and in the pleasure of being me… AS PINK AS THAT IS!

Furry PINK DICKS on my rampant Glads ❤

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